To request measurement time send a request to Will Myers along with the COSHH form as required

For the E580 and E680 pulsed instruments, please note that toward the end of each month there is a timetable meeting for the following month, you are strongly encouraged to attend.  The daily booking change-over time is 9:00 am.  Please allow about 30 min. of grace period.  For deviations from the E580 or E680 booking schedule you are required to notify the Scientific Applications Manager as soon as possible.  Users must be aware of the bookings scheduled to occur before and after theirs.

Users of the EMXmicro and old EMX are encouraged to sign up for their own time, upon gaining the required level of EPR training.  For hourly bookings made for the same day as reservations, send e-mail to Will Myers or come speak to him before starting.  Evening times may be given by priority to those needing more time to complete additional low-temperature afternoon measurements.  For deviations from the hourly EMX booking schedule it is recommended that you notify the Scientific Applications Manager by e-mail.

Below is the booking schedule for the current month. 

Timetables  (see links for EMX, E580, and E680; University of Oxford network only)

For the description section of the EMX booking, please include on line 1) Principle Investigator; line 2) Oxford Department -- enter External Academic or Industry if you are not from Oxford; line 3) grant account with small research facility (SRF) funding, only if you have one; and lines 4+) details about your experiment, cryogens, and accessory equipment.  Below is an example:

EMX booking window